Focus Mode

Losing focus can derail you at your job, and prevent you from completing simple tasks each day while you are at home. The part of the brain that is responsible for your ability to plan and do things logically is called the frontal lobe. When the frontal lobe has been compromised it can impair the memory. There may also be an indication of lack of creativity, and the inability to plan. What causes the frontal lobe to degrade, and how can it be corrected?

What Causes the Frontal Lobe to Become Impaired?

There are numerous signs that may indicate damage has occurred to the frontal lobe. Depression, poor judgment, reduced creativity, changes in behavior, inability to focus or plan as usual are just a few. A stroke can cause damage to the frontal lobe, and head trauma from a car accident may also cause damage to the frontal lobe. Although the frontal lobe is larger than the other sections of the brain some of the exact causes of damage to the frontal lobe are not yet known.

There is a long list of signs and symptoms that you can take note of to determine if there is damage to the frontal lobe. How can the Focus Mode on the neuromodulation device assist in restoring the health of the frontal lobe?

Causes for Loss of Focus

There can be numerous reasons for loss of focus. Trouble sleeping, certain medications, and even illness can lead to a lack of focus. There are also a number of psychological conditions that can lead to a loss of focus.

While it may seem harmless, these reasons for cognitive impairment can be serious if not given the attention needed to get the brain back on track. Long-term stress may also lead to problems with the brain’s ability to function at its optimum level. Although lifestyle issues may play a role the consistent use of a neuromodulation device may be beneficial for those who lack focus.

How Focus Mode Works

Using the Focus Mode is simple. Placing the device over the forehead allows two of the 8 electromagnets to operate over the target area of the brain that controls the ability to focus. This mode may aid in bringing back the health of the frontal lobes for improved cognitive skills, social skills, creativity, and even the ability to exercise judgment without impairment.

Focus Mode works in the following ways when applied to the forehead.

  1. The two electromagnets in this device alternate between the N and S poles in order to reverse the current. The current that is emitted causing an imbalance to the brain will be reversed. This not only includes impaired judgment and creativity, but can also aid in restoring the brain’s ability to engage in higher-level thinking, problem-solving, artistic ability, and the motor skills that foster voluntary movements.
  2. The frontal lobe is the target area. There are numerous aspects of brain function that happen here. When the electromagnets are activated they activate the frontal nerve cells. The stimulation of these cells may cause a noted improvement over time with behavior, focus, judgment, and the ability to be creative and innovative.
  3. The neuromodulation device sends gente pulses to the brain to stimulate these frontal lobe nerve cells. This device does not cause any physical reaction. The individual using the neuromodulation device won’t feel anything. There is no shock, vibration or surgery involved. The gentle magnetic pulses are sent through the current that activates the electromagnets in the device, and the individual using it can just sit and relax while it’s running.

The gentle electromagnetic pulses are non-invasive and cause no side effects. These pulses cannot be felt, and there is no noise or vibration. There is no need for the user to be disturbed, and this device may be used in the comfort of your own home.

It takes persistence to find the right therapy when faced with the challenges of injury or impairment to the frontal lobe. The neuromodulation device with Focus Mode may be able to help individuals re-focus, improve their creativity and many other necessary life skills.

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