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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use neurogear at home?

Yes! neurogear offers pre-set modes for everyone such as stress relief, mood control, improvement of cognitive function and enhancement of creativity.

Where can neurogear be used?

Since neurogear is made for everyone, you can use it for various purposes and in diverse places. You can use it in a company welfare program for workers to take a break, relieve the stress of daily life, and get back to work being more focused. You can have neurogear at cram schools or other educational institutions to advance students’ learning ability. It can also be used in social welfare facilities and nursing homes to improve the cognitive abilities of the elderly.

What are the technical advantages of neurogear and as a non-invasive neuromodulation device?

There are a variety of non-invasive neuromodulation devices in the market. After 20 years of active research, various products have been developed. Non-invasive neuromodulation using magnetic fields, current, and ultrasonic wave are widely used in clinical trials. neurogear has been developed using clinically-proven safe magnetic field technology and is distinguished from other devices with its small and light body, and multiple coils for maximum effect. In addition, there is no auditory or physical stimulation so that you can stay comfortable during operation.

How does the direct magnetic field in the head affect the body?

The magnetic field strength used by neurogear is very low and can’t be felt by most individuals. It is harmless to human bodies if you keep the basic use time of 20 minutes, once a day.

Why is it effective even though it is much weaker than clinical TMS?

The NASA irradiated micro-magnetic fields directly to nerve cells and demonstrated cell activation in early 2000. Since then, many micro-field studies have reported effects on nerve cell activation, cognitive function improvement, and depression mitigation.

What is the technical difference with tDCS?

neurogear can expect high signal transmittance without physically bothering users because it uses magnetic fields. The transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) flows current to the skin. In order to make the current flow, a sponge soaked in saline solution is required to reduce the skin resistance. Users may feel discomfort, irritation, and experience side effects such as skin burn.

Is neurogear, a medical device for clinics and can it be used in conjunction with medication?

neurogear can be used by medical professionals in clinics, or at home.  A medical professional can direct individuals to use the neurogear as a complementary therapy together with medication.

Is neurogear FDA registered?

The neurogear is a Class 1, FDA registered product. 

Does neurogear have an immediate effect? Is there a cumulative effect?

There is immediate improvement, but if you continue to use it for five weeks or more, 10-30% of improvement is expected depending on the individual. In cognitive function testing of five participants conducted by the Brain Imaging Center at the California Institute of Technology, it was shown that the error rate reduced by over 30%.

Can it be used for teenagers?

No side effects were reported in a clinical study of 1,034 adolescents aged between 11 and 18 years. Neuromodulation using magnetic fields is more suitable for pregnant women and adolescents who may be sensitive or reluctant to other forms of therapy.

What is the technical principle behind Focus Mode (increasing concentration) of neurogear?

Unlike conventional neurofeedback products that synchronize the whole brain with sound and light, neurogear uses a magnetic field of specific frequency to selectively activate areas related to cognitive function and learning ability. The optional activation maximizes the effect while minimizing unnecessary irritation.

Does Memory Mode (reinforcing cognitive function) of neurogear improve impaired functions? Or does it have preventive effect?

neurogear helps to improve damaged cognitive function. You can expect 2-5% of immediate improvement in cognitive function, and the figure rises to 10% if you continue to use more than five weeks. A long-term study of 307 individuals confirmed that the effect lasts for up to 16 weeks after 4-6 weeks of use.

Are there any other techniques to stimulate deep brain in a non-invasive way?

Among existing TMS, there is Deep TMS. It is a helmet type that uses a coil which wraps around the entire head to target the deep brain. Alternatively, neurogear uses micro-magnetic fields and have a small and light body to mitigate psychological burdens of the user.

Can’t I use existing TMS to stimulate deep brain?

TMS is designed to stimulate only one part of a brain with a single coil. neurogear uses multiple coils to stimulate deep brain. BBB is currently pending a patent on coil placement.

What is the primary strength of neurogear?

It’s safe to use with low risk of side effects, easy to use, affordably priced compared to other forms of brain therapy and has no physical stimulation so that users can comfortably receive therapy.