Premium Neuromodulation

De-stress, Boost your mood, Relax your mind, increase your Focus and enhance your Memory on demand…


Welcome to the World’s most advanced, non-invasive neuromodulation wellness experience!

Neurogear® is a medical grade neuromodulation device, which activates brain nerve cells without physical contact, thanks to specifically targeted low intensity pulsed magnetic fields.

Selecting the targeted area is possible by the QUADRUPOLE electromagnet design, the creation of the exclusive patent pending technology behind neurogear®. It features various functions from emotion regulation, concentration enhancement to cognitive function improvement.

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The Science

The neurogear® has implemented a technique that can safely stimulate deep brain regions in a non-invasive way rather than through traditional surgical procedures. The round headgear has eight electromagnetic coils in total which are bi-directional. Through continuously changing the magnetism of each electromagnet to N and S pole, it builds up a magnetic field stimuli on the specific target region. The result is activated nerve cells of the target regions.

Neurogear uses a neuromodulation technique that improves the function of certain parts of a brain by applying a gentle pulsed magnetic field to the area where brain function is stagnated. It has been scientifically proven to help individuals and to enhance the brain’s ability.

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