De-Stress Mode

Stress is listed as one of the top killers in the United States. The increase in stress is atalarming levels since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to an article published recently by the APA, more than 80% of the population has stated that they are suffering from prolonged stress in a post-inauguration survey. What are the specific elements that cause stress, and how could this be avoided?

Stress Triggers and Solutions

When there is an imbalance between the left and right brain the following may occur.

  1. Emotional instability begins to occur.
  2. There are numerous factors that lead to stress. These include everything from a lack of sleep to unexpected financial or health related circumstances. When stress is prolonged it can have a negative impact on the mind and body.
  3. Stress may kill brain cells.
  4. Stress may reduce the size of the brain.
  5. Prefrontal cortex may begin to shrink.

The De-Stress Mode may be life-changing. Low intensity magnetic fields are designed to aid in reducing the effects of stress and depression on the mind and body. The gentle pulses target the area of the brain that controls your stress response. When the De-Stress mode is activated it begins to stimulate neurons.

The following will happen when the device connects to stimulate the brain cells.

  1. The brain responds when magnetic fields are applied.
  2. A gentle current passes through a copper coil.
  3. A gentle current produces what is referred to as a “reverse eddy current”. The nerve cells are stimulated which creates a reversal of this process. This means that utilizing the De-Stress Mode on this neuromodulation device could potentially reverse the mind and body’s response to stress.

There is no physical sensation that takes place but there is a change at the cellular level. The
low intensity pulses can restore harmony to the brain at 10 Hz. The gentle pulses released using alpha waves are ideal for increasing wakefulness, calm, and the ability to learn. A relaxed mind is a mind that is able to retain more information and improve overall quality of life.

When stress brings a disturbance and imbalance to the brain the De-Stress Mode can help bring the mind to a more relaxed state. The balance must be restored between the right and left brain in order for anxiety to be reduced or diminished altogether.

How De-Stress Mode Works

The action that occurs with De-Stress mode is like the following.

  1. The response may only be reversed once the magnetic poles inside the brain are stimulated to initiate the reversal of what happens during a period of stress. This means that any disturbances that were created in the brain may be repaired.
  2. This repair of these disturbances means that the brain could recover with proper cognitive regulation. The center of the brain can recover once this has been reversed, and the process has been repeated. There are three areas of the brain which become activated. The hippocampus, amygdala, and the thalamus may be fully restored as a result of this activation process.

It is vital to everyone’s health to keep stress to a minimum and take the steps necessary to
mitigate stress when it strikes. The consistent use of the neuromodulator device may be
Life-changing. It may also prevent the effects of everyday stressors from long-term damage.

Welcome to the World’s most advanced, non-invasive neuromodulation wellness experience!

Neurogear® is a medical grade neuromodulation device, which activates brain nerve cells without physical contact, thanks to specifically targeted low intensity pulsed magnetic fields.

Selecting the targeted area is possible by the QUADRUPOLE electromagnet design, the creation of the exclusive patent pending technology behind neurogear®. It features various functions from emotion regulation, concentration enhancement to cognitive function improvement.