Boost Mode

Did you know that the frontal lobe and perceptual domain are responsible for managing the creative side of the brain? This part of the brain also controls audiovisual activity. When these sections of the brain make a strong connection creativity is at its highest. The ability to operate in higher cognitive function is possible when the frontal lobe and perceptual domain are working together in harmony. 

The other two parts of the brain that can make wonderful things happen include the occipital lobe and the temporal lobe. The occipital lobe maintains hearing while the temporal lobe maintains visual abilities. How do disturbances occur in the brain and deactivate the ability of your sense to engage with one another?

What Can Cause an Imbalance in the Brain?

There are numerous things that may cause a disturbance in the brain. Everything from stress, health conditions, trauma, medications, neurodegenerative diseases and challenging situations in life. There are a few simple tests that can help us to determine if this is the case, but it seems that finding a viable solution is not so simple for everyone. 

Medications, occupational therapy and other types of therapy may be of great help. There is now some indication that many individuals are being deemed treatment resistant for antidepressants. The medical community has agreed over the centuries that medicine is not a one size fits all solution. How might a neuromodulation device in Boost Mode be different?

What is Boost Mode?

The purpose of the neuromodulation device is to bring help to those who may not have other options. This also means those that discovered medication did not work for them. While this neuromodulation device has 5 modes, the Boost Mode is designed with the individual who struggles in various areas.

Boost Mode may be beneficial for those who suffer from depression and are lethargic, but the true goal of this mode is to boost higher thinking. Any disruption in the brain causes:

  1. Faulty action in the synapse. This may lead to inability to have social interaction with others.
  2. The use of all 8 electromagnets can stimulate all centers of the brain. When the Boost Mode is activated it allows the frontal-temporal-occipital lobes to all be engaged working together.
  3. Adjustments in brain activity using low intensity electromagnetic pulses can lead to stimulation causing the negative neural activity to fail.
  4. The processes of the brain centers become balanced, boosting creativity, enhanced sense of well-being, relaxation, and focus.

This process of all aspects of the brain working together create what we refer to as synesthesia thinking. This means that the artistic self may become elevated showing a boost in creativity. This also means that the individual using this device may be able to exceed their own expectations and goals in the areas of math and science.

The Boost Mode has also been shown to increase an individual’s problem-solving skills. The Boost Mode stimulates the nerve cells in such a way that the individual’s ability to think outside the box becomes paramount. Focus in these areas can be enhanced and one’s insightfulness may also be heightened.

The 8 electromagnets are each designed with their key targets in mind. Once the connection is made with the electromagnets and the specific area of the brain to be targeted, the game can change for those who need a boost. This is how the Boost Mode got its name. The hope is that those who use the neuromodulation device can begin to see a difference and improvement in their lives, emotions, and their creativity as well.

Welcome to the World’s most advanced, non-invasive neuromodulation wellness experience!

Neurogear® is a medical grade neuromodulation device, which activates brain nerve cells without physical contact, thanks to specifically targeted low intensity pulsed magnetic fields.

Selecting the targeted area is possible by the QUADRUPOLE electromagnet design, the creation of the exclusive patent pending technology behind neurogear®. It features various functions from emotion regulation, concentration enhancement to cognitive function improvement.